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The best hydroponic growth medium for both novice and expert gardeners is expanded clay pebbles. Our expanded clay pebbles, also known as LECA or Hydroton, are created from organic and sustainable clay and heated to a temperature of 650 degrees Celsius, producing air-filled, lightweight pebbles with a size range of 16 to 25 mm.

Expanded Clay Pebbles are the best growth medium for hydroponic and aquaponic systems because they provide the proper mix of air and moisture. Hydroponics, which uses water instead of traditional soil-based growth techniques, is a very effective and environmentally friendly approach to grow plants.

Our Expanded Clay Pebbles are an economical and sustainable option for your hydroponic system since they are so simple to use and can be recycled for several growth cycles. Also, they are pH-neutral, ensuring that your plants get the precise nutrients they require to flourish.

Just rinse the expanded clay pebbles completely to eliminate any extra dust or dirt before adding the correct amount to your hydroponic pot. Making sure the roots are well buried, place your plant in the stones and give water and fertilizer as necessary. The pebbles’ superior drainage and aeration capabilities will keep your plants healthy and growing, and they will also hold in ample moisture.

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2-4mm 5L, 2-4mm 45L, 4-9mm 5L, 4-9mm 45L, 9-16mm 5L, 9-16mm 45L


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