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FloraFlex 6” ProPot


The PotPro™ Pot was strategically designed to allow air flow through the top and bottom of the medium as well as excellent drainage. It securely holds the 6″ FloraCap® allowing anyone to easily transition to the new PotPro™ System. The Pot’s built in stakes and webbed bottom provide  a seamless transplant to a PotPro™ Slab or alternate medium.



PotPro Pots – Quality And Convenience Reimagined™: The team at FloraFlex® designed the PotPro™ system as an easy-to-use growing solution for amateurs and professional growers alike. Each hydroponic grow pot has features that allow airflow through the top and bottom of your chosen growing medium. The pot also features a webbed bottom which allows for exceptional drainage. Now pairable with the PotPro™ Platform. The built-in stakes at the bottom of each pot help provide a seamless transition when transplanting your plants to an alternate growing medium, such as rockwool cubes.


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