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Biodegradable Pot


High quality Biodegradable pots, made from paper, paper pulp and peat, etc. The pots become an organic fertilizer once degraded.

Size: 3cm

Size variations available on request.

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High quality Biodegradable pots, made from paper, paper pulp and peat – Contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which are easily degradable. It is not necessary to manually remove the seedling from the pot, it can be planted directly without damaging the seedling. The pots become an organic fertilizer after degradation. This layer of degradable material easily absorbs water and integrates with the soil, improving the ecological environment around the seedling root which is good for the growth of seedlings. The roots of seedlings are easy to stick out of the pot, overcoming the problems of bent roots, rot roots which is caused by insufficient space in the pot or non-aerated materials.

Energy saving and environmentally friendly. The plant pots are used as waste paper, recycling paper, as well as straw, reed, bagasse and other straw.

Application: balcony vegetable garden, greening project, home furnishing, home gardening, nursery etc.


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