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The Boyu mineral sand air stones effectively promote oxygenation and aeration in your water tank to support the ongoing health of your plant. The bubbles created by the sand stone circulate your tank water, thereby refreshing it. Another benefit is that it distributes the heat in water tanks evenly, which results in constant heat throughout the water tank. To ensure the maximisation of circulation and oxygenation, you should place your air stone on the tank floor to promote the balanced distribution of air. The air stone is made of special, washed mineral sand and is shaped at a high temperature. Airstones prevent dead spots in your water tank and the formation of algae. With increased oxygen levels in the water and a constant stream of thousands of tiny, vitality promoting bubbles, you are assured of a healthier tank. The air stone is made from a top quality ceramic compound and has an attractive look. It is such a simple accessory to add, yet plays such an important role when it comes to diffusing the air in your tank. High temperature sintering. Sturdy and durable. High dissolved oxygen rate. even and tiny bubbles.

* Dimensions: 100mm Diameter
* Sturdy and Durable
* High Dissolved Oxygen Rate
* Low Noise Bubbles


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